About Us


Southern Cross Darwin is one of the Top End’s leading independent locally owned suppliers of pumps & irrigation equipment. In 1997 the then Branch of Southern Cross Pumps & Irrigation was purchased by local interests and has remained that to this day. It is not a franchised business but now part of national group which allows us to better satisfy our customers requirements and select the products we feel are best for your application.

The business goes back many decades under the banner of Southern Cross Machinery, later Pumps & Irrigation and occupied a new building in Tannadice St Winnellie when Cyclone Tracy arrived on Christmas eve 1974.

It was one of the buildings to survive, a tribute to the structural engineers in the Toowoomba factory who were only too well aware of cyclonic forces on tankstands, aerial towers, windmills and tanks both in Australia and overseas.


Experience, in excess of 40 years with Southern Cross water supply equipment in NT, NSW & Pacific Islands, Middle East, involving design, sales, service & project management. (1968 to 1997 with Southern Cross Pumps & Irrigation, balance with Southern Cross Darwin).


An in house QA system based on AS/ISO 9002 with emphasis on traceability of product and services has been in place since 1997. Invaluable to our many clients.


The company holds current accreditation in Pumps to $450,000, Bores, water & sewage supply to $800,000, Hydraulic systems $100,000 Irrigation Systems $350,000.



Though our expertise and use of quality equipment we aim to satisfy your requirements in the various facets of pumping, irrigation & water supply systems.

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