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The Rain Bird ESP series Modular Controllers are one of the success stories for both domestic & commercial customers in the Top End.

These are a very reliable and robust easy to use controller suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.  The units have withstood the local test of power surges extremely well but as usual with electrical equipment we suggest power point or household protection be used. Nothing will survive a close or direct hit.

Basic unit is 4 stations, add modules of 3 to expand to 13 for use with standard 24vac valves.

Please check the Rain Bird solenoid valves & sprinkler sections then we can give further advice on what is best for your system.  Larger controllers and systems are available for more specialised irrigation such as market gardens and commercial golf, playing fields and the like. Please contact us.

ESP Modular Controller Pamphlet

Battery Controllers.

For single site applications we stock a quality Galcon 7001D 9V battery controller which uses a latching solenoid valve not a cheap mechanical tap as the valve. It also allows full flow with little restriction and is far superior to the cheaper tap timers.

For multi valve systems from the same water point in the Galcon range is a similar controller with up to 4 valves at one site. The controller is based on the 7001D system.

Toro also have a similar battery system capable of operating up to 8 solenoid valves in close proximity.

If your valves have to be at a distance apart then systems such as the Rain Bird TBOS units may suit, capable of being programmed with a hand held control unit using optical transmission, which will still work if the valve controller is flooded. There is no limit to the number of valves that can be controlled with this type of system.

For further detail to meet your requirements for irrigation controllers please contact us.

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