Solenoid Valves

The range of solenoid valves includes quality irrigation plastic types to brass and epoxy coated cast iron dependent on the size and application.

We list some of the more common solenoid valves for Domestic and light commercial as a guide to the those stocked by Southern Cross Darwin and backup is available with repair kits and spare solenoids being kept in stock.


Rain Bird 25mm Jar Top  series solenoid valves for gardens and light commercial feature versatility, reliability and easy servicing via the Jar Top at an affordable price. Tool free access and maintenance is all the go. The valves will operate on flow rates from 4.0 to 90 l/m.

Rain Bird Jar Top Solenoid Valve Pamphlet

If flow control is required then the Rain Bird 25mm DV-F flow control solenoid valve can be used. By adjusting the control stem any sprinklers controlled by that valve can be set to lower than your normal pressure to optimise the sprinkler performance . Great for micro jets and lower pressure spinner stake type sprinklers requiring 150 kPa instead of 300kPa.

Rain Bird DVF Solenoid Valve Pamphlet

Larger areas require larger valves, and the general purpose Rain Bird PGA Series in 40 and 50mm are a quality rugged PVC construction solenoid valve for use with flows from 1.5 l/s to 7 l/s. These valves feature flow control thus positive operation is assured where other valves have failed. If you require further information after reading the pamphlet please contact us.

Rain Bird PGA Series Solenoid Valve Pamphlet

Commercial Solenoid Valves.

We have several ranges of larger valves dependent on the application. For your specific application please contact us for further advice.

Valve Boxes.

Various sizes and strength valve surrounds are stocked – from a small 150mm diameter lid through to standard 1419 types and jumbo boxes.

Rain Bird Valve Box Pamphlet

Swing Arm Risers

To allow you to raise or lower a sprinkler without affecting the lateral line in the ground complete the installation of sprinklers with swing arm risers.  (Also known as articulated risers.) These are invaluable when it comes to top dressing lawns and revamping soft spots. In areas where heavier mowers & vehicles pass over sprinklers most of the pipe work damage will be avoided by using swing arm risers. Only a few dollars each and very worth while.

For further information on any of the above stocked items please contact us.

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